1. Oslo, Norway 8th August 2010

Lecture in Oslo, Norway August 2010


3 thoughts on “1. Oslo, Norway 8th August 2010

  1. I so like him as he is a man of faith.In fact I met him in masjid nabawi and took bay’at of my own volition without informing him that I did so. I said ya Allah , be a witness.The first one was wrongly encoded , instead of with it must be without.I hope he will shower me his faiz / faidh ( spiritual progress ).May I be informed if there are english versions of his bayanat as I am a Muslim from the Philippines.May Allah accept me as one of Maulana Tareeq ‘s murideen .

  2. Who ever listens to this bayan, make sure you notice the depth and the sadness in eyes of MAulana Sahib.. Even when he is smiling, his eyes are crying…. May Allah make us concerned for the welfare of this Ummah~!!! ameeen

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