Tableeghi Jamaat

Insight into Tablighi Jamaat

8 thoughts on “Tableeghi Jamaat

  1. Meri doa hai Allah muj Samait her muslman ko is mobark mehnut may apna jan ,maal or waqt lagany ki tofiq day

  2. Assalam o alaikum!Tableg is must for every one Muslim and this is a way is necessary for approch of ALLAH “SUBHANA HU WTALA” AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD(S.A.W.S.)……

  3. There is no other way to retain ourselves within the limits of Islam without going with the Tableeghi Jamaat. Remember death is coming and must be suffer every one of us. So you should be found there who is on the right way. Keep your self in touch with TJ peoples and try to go out in the way of Allah and get the right.

    I deeply love with Islam and TJ.

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