A new page has been created to share good authentic islamic audios. Hope you all shall enjoy this effort.


11 thoughts on “AUDIOS

  1. Aoa Brother!
    InshaAllah i will upload but i need to get permission from my Shaekh Hazrat Mushraf Ali Thanvi Sahab to upload his lectures on web.

  2. Assalam o Alaikum
    Yes brother if you can upload those lectures with proper name for each lecture and upload them on and send the link to me I shall add them to my website. Inshallah

  3. Aoa Brother!
    I just saw this website and mashaAllah it is very good. I want to offer one thing for this website. that i am having audio biyans of Mulana Mushraf Ali Thanvi, grand son of Mulana Musraf Ali Thanvi.
    I have a lot of audio lectures, inshaAllah they will help a lot to aour brothers.
    Please reply.

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