A new page has been created to share good authentic islamic audios. Hope you all shall enjoy this effort.

12 thoughts on “AUDIOS

  1. asalamalykum warahmatulahey wabarkatouhu

    Any one have the urdu audio book of shaikh moulana zakariya reh. AAP BETE file .

  2. Aoa Brother!
    InshaAllah i will upload but i need to get permission from my Shaekh Hazrat Mushraf Ali Thanvi Sahab to upload his lectures on web.

  3. Assalam o Alaikum
    Yes brother if you can upload those lectures with proper name for each lecture and upload them on and send the link to me I shall add them to my website. Inshallah

  4. Aoa Brother!
    I just saw this website and mashaAllah it is very good. I want to offer one thing for this website. that i am having audio biyans of Mulana Mushraf Ali Thanvi, grand son of Mulana Musraf Ali Thanvi.
    I have a lot of audio lectures, inshaAllah they will help a lot to aour brothers.
    Please reply.

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