2 thoughts on “Muhazirat e Seerat By Shaykh Dr Mehmood Ahmad Ghazi (r.a)

  1. brother I couldn’t find Tazkirat Al Rashid both volumes here on your website but on other sites it shows its published by Musalman Bhai see the link below can you upload here both volumes http://www.scribd.com/doc/27452369/Tazkirat-Al-Rashid-by-Sheikh-Hakeem-Masood-Ahmad and can you upload AthmaarulHidayaAlalHidayaByShaykhThameeruddinQasmi volume 6 and 7 I know our demands are too much but trust me brother the knowledge I got by reading books from your website I can alhumdullah say that I can face and answer any question or allegation made on our Akabir and Fiqha Hanafi by any fitna around I thank you for helping the ummah in a very great way.

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