4 thoughts on “Tareekh ul Islam By Shaykh Muhammad Mian (r.a)

  1. english version is not needed but urdu,persian and arabic may be useful

  2. Respected zaid Bhai,
    as salamu alaikum
    Hope you are fine with good health and iman.
    I am very pleasant to receive your call . I tried to get these books in India,Pakistan and Bangladesh .But i did not get .If you kindly send or post in inernet and inform me ,I must be obliged thereby as a grandson of balakot shaheed maulana Alimuddin and Gazi and commander of Balakot maulana Imamuddin and Enayetuddin .

    (The most important books are :
    1.Malavi sayed jafor Ali naqvi/bastavi,Manjuratus Su’aada fi akhbaril guzat was shuhada.(in Persian language ) another name of this book 1.tarikh e ahmadi 2. tarikh e kabir of jafor bastavi

    2.masood Alam Nadvi,Hindustanki pahli Islami Tahreek)

    With best regards
    Professor Dr.muhammad Ahsan ullah faisal
    dept.of dawah and islamic studies
    (ex- student advisor and provost )
    Islamic university,Kushtia-7003

    e mail:aufaisaliu@yahoo.com

  3. unable to get english version please mail it.jazak Allah khairun

    On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 3:26 PM, WordPress.com

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