One thought on “Kahaniyon Ki Dunya By Shaykh Muhammad Saad

  1. Bismillah

    Assalaamu Alaikum!

    I understand you are trying to proficiently do your job and are extremely busy, I would be honoured for a short amount of your time to read these books I authored and give them away for free. What book loving Muslims everywhere, ought to know about the mother of five beautiful and loyal Muslim children.

    The author.

    Halimah bint David the slave: waiting to be fed and provided for by Allah (swt).

    The goal?

    To simply give away books that inspire and nourish, crackling parched, hearts and minds of children and their loving families.

    Kids Tawhid Story Book (ages 5-7)
    A Series of Monsters

    Mayor Maynott Have Devil Inside, Islamic Ruqyah (Adult)

    Allah! Allah Is My Lord! (Ages 0-3)
    Kids Tawhid Picture Book

    Allah? Who Is Allah? Ages 0-3
    Kids Tawhid Picture Book

    I just wanted to extend some charity, into the Ummah. May Allah bless us to perfect our worship, intentions, wealth and health with much success.

    About the Author: Halimah bint David authored, illustrated, published and marketed several books on Islamic monotheism (tawhid) for kids and Sharia for adults. Halimah founded a few popular blogs at SurvivorsAreUs.WordPress.Com, HighwayToHeaven.WordPress.Com, ChristinaMacQuarrie.Wordpress.Com and is currently researching and implementing new copy writing skills.

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