10 thoughts on “Feroz ul Lughat By Molvi Ferozuddin (r.a)

  1. i cant download it.. the link is not highlighted. even if i
    do it by right click.. only the image page is saved nothing else..
    can u help me out?

  2. I am unable to download the dictionary whenever i try a page showing Aw snap comes .i think there is some problem with the file, so rectify it. Md. Wasay Zafar

  3. Assalamalaikum:

    Muslaman bhai is Ramzan ki surwat main he aapne dil khus kardiya. Bohut inteezar tha ek Urdu-Urdu dictionary ka.

    Bhai bus itna kehsakta hu “Jazakallahu khairan fee Dunya wal Akhirah.”

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