8 thoughts on “Tareekh e Islam By Shaykh Akbar Shah Najeebabadi

  1. Sallam, wonder if any one PLEASE up load “Tareekh-e-Islam Ki Khawateen” By, Ashraf A. Thanvei. it will be really a great help.or i some one want to sale i will pay for. i am open to work with.

  2. Assalaam o alaikum w rehmatullahi w barakaathu, Sir I would like to know what about the book on “taareekhe islaam in hindustaan” as announced in the book “tarrekhe Isaam which I purchased some twenty years back. Please let me if its avaialable. And also if any book on the history of Isalaam by another author other than maulaana Akbar Shaha Nazeebadi is available. Thnanks Allaha Haafiz.

  3. Thanks for uploading books.

    Upload the following books also;

    1. Tafseeri Points of Maulana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar rahimahullah naming “Fawaid E Safdariah”. (Daura E Tafseer)

    2. Darse Quran of Maulana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar given at jamia gakhar is also publishing naming “Zakhiratul Jinaan Fi Tafseer Al Quran” so far 13 volumes are available, upto almost 20th Para.

    3. Aik Sey Zaiyed Shadiyon ki Zarurat Kyun by Mauana Tariq Masood dbh


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