8 thoughts on “Sulook -e- Sulaimani By Shaykh Professor Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sulaimani

  1. السلام عليكم جناب كافى عرصه سي خطبات حكيم الاسلام كا منتظر هون براه كرم وه شائع كرين

  2. Jazakallah Adeel Bhai, jazakallah for your suggestion, if readers leave the description of a book in the comments section that will definitely serve the purpose. Readers can leave Full description of a book, mention a chapter and summarise that chapter, or mention specific parts with reference to page numbers for the interest of other readers.

  3. No Problem, JazakAllah for the reply.

    Suggestion # 2 for all the readers I think we can help “Musalman bhai” by doing this job. like if we know about the book or if we become to know after reading, then it would be of great help for others if we add two or three line regarding the book. To highlight this note we can give a standard heading of “Short Description” to that specific note.

    Please note that it’s just a suggestion & can only be followed if approved by Musalman bhai or other blog owners/managers.

    Adeel Rehman

  4. Asalam o Alikum
    JazakAllah hu kheran for all the contributions and great work that you guys are doing here. I have a request that it will be great help for everyone if you can add little discribtion about the book, its subject & for what it is related to. One can understand some time from the title but some times its difficult.

    Jazak Allah
    Adeel Rehman

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