Shamail -e- Kubra – 12 Volumes – By Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Irshaad Qasmi

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Volume 1 & 2 Volume 3 & 4 Volume 5 & 6 

Volume 7 & 8 Volume 9 & 10 Volume 11 Volume 12



Volume  1 & 2 [55] Volume 3 & 4 [77] Volume 5 & 6 [98] 

Volume 7 & 8 [75] Volume 9 & 10 [74] Volume 11 [65] Volume 12 [78]

13 thoughts on “Shamail -e- Kubra – 12 Volumes – By Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Irshaad Qasmi

  1. Hazrt mere liye dua kare ki main apke pas ajaon.hazrt mere dil main apki behad muhabat hai. meri munasibat sirf apse hai.mere liye dua kare.ap salamat rahe,ta qayamat rahe. Aur main apka khadim rahon ta qayamat.ameen

  2. Jazakallah, but only a small improvement issue.
    the file name for “vol. 1 & 2 ” is the same as file name for “vol.12” so most probably many users may overwrite if downloading to same folder.
    please make a little difference in these file names.


  3. Allah pak ka lakh lakh shukar ha jis ny hanostan ma quran o
    hadees ki khadmat k ly chuna or allah in ki khadmaat ko qabool
    farmay ameen

  4. Thank you for uploading such books full informative and one approachable,concise and easy to understand islamic teachings upto the sublime level of islamic knowledge.

  5. Jazakallah, bhot he achi kitab hai, likin agr koi perhny aur amal kerny wala hoo tu us k liay, khali download ker k pass rakhny say kuch nhi hota.

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