One thought on “Taqwiyat ul Iman By Shaykh Shah Ismail Dehlvi (r.a)

  1. Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem. (In the Name of The Only God, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful)

    Sayyad Ismail Dehelvi, the distinguished gentleman who is the subject of this topic, could not have started the Tableegh Jamaat, because he is reported to have been martyred in a battle against Sikhs in 1831, when the Tableegh Jamaat was not established. Tableegh Jamaath was founded about 95 years later. There is no direct connection between Ismail Dehelvi and Tableegh Jamaath.

    The Dar ul Uloom in Deobandh was established in the 1860s, more than 30 years after the demise of Ismail Dehelvi. The Tableegh Jamaat movement was started in the 1920s by Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas Kandalwi. He studied at Dar ul Uloom in Deobandh. Some of his teachers and founders of Dar ul Uloom Deobandh happened to be the students of the Sayyad Ismail Dehelvi, who is the subject of this discussion.

    Sayyad Ismail Dehelvi is also the grandson of the Naqshbandhi Shaykh, Shah Waliyullah Dehelvi (rahmathullaaha alayhi). He passed away in the 1760s. It is unfair to hold him responsible for a book that is attributed to his grandson, Sayyad Ismail Dehelvi. Although he is the grandson of Shah Waliyullah Dehelvi, Ismail Dehelvi is not tableeghi in the same manner that Ismail Dehelvi is not Naqshbandhi

    How could one attribute the founding of the Tableegh Jamaath to Sayyad Ismail Dehelvi when the founder was born more than 50 years after his demise?

    If there is any good in that which I have stated here, then it has been inspired by Allaah. Otherwise, Muhammadh Nazeer Ahmadh Bin Abdhul Azeez has erred!

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