5 thoughts on “Hajj Ki Aasaan Aur Mufeed Tarteeb By Shaykh Dr Fida Muhammad

  1. Asslam wa li kum . kindly upload al qawaied fee uloom ul hadith by sheikh abdul fatah abu ghada and mulana zafar usmani. kindly upload it with urdu translation if possible thanks jazakallah

  2. Asslam wa likum wa Rakhmathullahi wa barakathu.
    kindly upload the ila sunnan by sheik zafar usmani tasheeh o tarteeb by mufti taqi usmani, with urdu translation. this is the sole book , which proves that hanfi maslak is according to quran and sunnah and rightly following sahaba, tabeen, and taba tabeen and ulamie haq, kindly download in urdu, so that every one can know about his mazhab , and then can easily be prevented from any terror from mukhalifeen. and also athar sunnan by allama nemvi complete with urdu translation.

    jazakallho al khari
    your faith fully aziz ur rehman al hanfi

  3. MASHA ALLAH, This is a great book from my Hon’able Justice Dr.Fida Muhammad Khan Sahib’s library, i personaly know his exellency he is a greatest Alim/Person of the world,i pray to ALLAH for his health and long life and request to all readers for the same prayer, Ameen
    Tanvir Ahmad Khan

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