10 thoughts on “Tohfa tun Nikah By Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Palanpuri

  1. Sir, Plz share tofha tun Nikah in Roman English so that it can b understood easily, i can speak urdu but cannot readt

  2. Assalam o Alikum,
    I am not a muti or some one who can post a verdict of Shariya here. Just as a lay man I put my opinion. That is the Islamic books by the pious scholars are not written for commercial benefits, Instead these books come in existence as per direction of our Universal Deen to spread knowledge, and gain the benefits in Akhira (life here after). It is in the best interest of author with such intentions of Akhira to spread his words as far as possible. Author of this website has mentioned that the sharing of these books is for educational purposes and not commercial. It is very hard for the people living in countries other than Pakistan to get these books in their countries of residence by some other means.Also if you buy a book once it is not prohibited by author or law to share it with 1000 people. These books are not sold in soft copies anywhere else so it does not heart any commercial benefits on web. So it is an effort to spread Hidaya which is good. How ever I shall ask some muti about this too.

  3. Assalamu ‘Alykum

    As I mentioned the question about the Copyright in this website, that whether the books shared here are free from copyright or the owner or publishers of the books have given permission to share and publish their copies freely on the internet etc. So I’m also mentioning the Copyright issue as described by Mufti Taqi Usmani.
    The Copyright question as asked by Mufti Taqi Usmani, can be read in the following link:

    Jazak ALLAHU Khairan

  4. Assalamu ‘Alykum
    Dear owner, mashaALLAH you guys are doing a great work on this section of providing or linking the e-Islamic books available on the internet. But I have a valid question, as me and one of my friend is also interested in starting a website containing a lot of e Islamic books in it, as it is really needed on the web. The question is, are all these books you have shared or linked are free of any sort of Copyright? Or u guys just made them available on the internet somehow, and thats it? As in my opinion, if we publish some copyright material on the internet, then it is a sin, whether it be an Islamic book or any other book.
    Waiting for your comments, so then I can further download, read and share your website to others, if theres no sin or harm in it.
    P.S. This question is actually asked because there is no as such copyright or something sort of written on the website, which says its all fine to download and read, or you guys have taken any permission from the owners or publishers of the book etc.

    Waiting for your sooner reply.

    Jazak ALLAHU Khairan

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